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Poland   Zespół Szkół im. ks. prałata płkOjca Św. Jana Pawła II 10 37-740 Bircza Polonia+48 16 672 55 27

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Greece   Geniko Lykeio Kato Achaias Terma Aristotelous 25200 Kato Achaia Achaea Greece +30 26930 22204

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Proyect Description Our objectives: to research and compare ways for avoiding early school leaving, absenteeism, bullying to foster school nets in collaborative atmospheres. to prevent early school leaving and favouring the inclusion of students in disadvantaged conditions. to research and compare more efficient ways in… Leer más »<--!Proyect Description-->

Países Bajos

Courses-Netherlands   Manual & Guides Kahoot Kahoot-Plantillas Mind Mappings Various Resport Assen


Courses-Italy   Manual & Guides Lensoo Create – Uso y Características Generales PHOTO GRID – Elementes and Principles of Design Digital Media Assigment! Snapseed-An In-Depth Tutorial Guide Tumblr – Manual Edmodo for Students Edmodo for Teachers Edmodo for Parents Kahoot – Tutorials Socrative – User… Leer más »Italia