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Activity from Víkurskóli Iceland

Access to normal Ufe

Students (3-5 ¡n each group) are given the task to explore the local neighbourhood concerning the accessibility for disabled people to different premises such as grocery stores, health care, administrative buildings and so forth. Students are given a list of errands to perform during the day, whilst blindfolded or in a wheelchair. The group, before starting, divide tasks between themselves ¡n such a way that one of them plays the role of the disabled and the others are assistance and at least one ¡s taking notes.

The result is to be presented to rest of the class and followed by discussions about their experiences of the day. What was surprising and how well ¡s society prepared to service disabled citizens.

The objectives is to increase the students understanding and empathy for other people. To help them see how everyday activities that we take for gra

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