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Collaboration Agreement

Cooperation and Good Will Agreement between Lyceum of Kato Achaia and Municipality of Western Achaia

24th of May, 2018

Meeting with local authorities – Bircza, Poland

29th of January, 2018

Before we have met, we organized workshops for students and teachers participating in the project “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” We analysed our previous and future tasks connected with working in international groups. Students were reminded to keep in touch by WhatsApp and emails. We planned meeting with local authorities too.

In the meeting took part Major, financial workers and manager of Sport and Cultural Centre of Bircza Commune. Students sharing into groups explained what was done in our Erasmus + project, what were conclusions after questionnaire about and what we would like to do to promote our project.

There is one main decision to create the Mediation Group in our school. We have had a permission of our Major to help us with organizing it. Major suggested to cooperate with psychologist working in Disabled People Institution in Bircza and use experience of preparing mediation training for students.

Another point we have discussed is making happening for promotion of the project. Students would like to take notice of everyday problems: with crossing streets by disabled people, signs of bulling between teenagers, mothers with baby carriage, etc.

Students will arrange short streets stages and if people gathering – they will start to explain them what is going on. Besides we will give out leaflets promoting the project “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” with short decalogue of right behaviour.


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