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Project of the month» – April 2018

We are proud to announce that our project was elected «Project of the month» in April 2018 as an example of best practice by the conference of Geman school ministries.

Link to the website of the ministries (in German, but anyway)

On April 27th a represantative of the Bavarian school ministry visited our school to deliver the award.

In his speech he told us that our project was chosen for the exemplary collaboration of the partner schools.

Our Erasmus+ students presented their activities during the project to the school family.

After that the certificate was officialy handed over.

 This is a great honor and we see it as an outstanding appreciation of the collaboration of all our teams!

Presentation of our mediator system at primary school

A group of our Erasmus+ students went to the primary school in our neighbour village and demonstrated how the mediator system in our school works. After introducing the theory they acted a conflict situation and showed the younger pupils how they work on it.

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