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Proyect Description

Our objectives:

  • to research and compare ways for avoiding early school leaving, absenteeism, bullying
  • to foster school nets in collaborative atmospheres.
  • to prevent early school leaving and favouring the inclusion of students in disadvantaged conditions.
  • to research and compare more efficient ways in the organization of resources to meet the needs of disadvantaged situations students.
  • to carry out activities which reinforce the cooperation among the six countries for the exchanges of good practices.
  • to find and search effective ways for the inclusion of immigrants and refugees.
  • to design a do´s and dont´s decalogue on ethical habits.
  • to create a planning to be presented at schools to show how to act ethically.
  • to create cooperative workshops, along with the town council and psychologies.
  • to help open door meetings.
  • to get to know different cultures and traditions.
  • to develop the linguistic and digital communicative competences

Our Erasmus + project called R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

The project is based on the comparative analysis among Germany, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Poland and Finland, having as horizontal priority inclusive education, training youth and as specific priority supporting schools to tackle early school leaving and disadvantaged as well as to address all students from the lowest to the highest end of the academic spectrum.

All the institutions involved will work on the following difficulties:

  • Students who leave school early due to different reasons, with low academic performance, and poor economic resources.
  • Immigrant students or refugees with problems to integrate.
  • Social difficulties such as discrimination for genre, age and sexual orientation.
  • Geographic obstacles: students from areas (rural or small peripheral islands) where the public transport is really limited.

The distribution of tasks will be as follow:

  • Spain is the coordinator of the project, will guarantee that the project is carried out as planned and will be in charge of etwinning management.
  • Germany will be in charge of the creation questionnaires for the different isssues.
  • Poland will be in charge of summarising the results of the questionnaires
  • Greece: the creation of videos taken from the different actions done all along the project.
  • Iceland: storing all the educational resources created for the inclusion of students.
  • Finland: the do´s and dont´s decalogue of ethical practices.

The activities to carry out are questionnaires to analyse the issue in the six countries at the beginning and the end of the project, to state the situation before of the storage of resources which benefit and help students, to check that students and families can have acces to the nets and collaborative atmospheres.

Results: our final objective is to create an open Twinspace and also a blog where all products and results can be accessed by everybody even when the project is finished all this done by a methodology based on cooperative research on how to integrate disadvantaged students due to different reasons such as absenteeism, early school leaving, poor economic background, geographical obsstacles, immigration, refugees, bullying among others by means of virtual and physical contact through the exchange of good practices and by experimenting the methods the different countries are putting into practice to try to give solution to these problems.

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