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Proyect Description Our objectives: to research and compare ways for avoiding early school leaving, absenteeism, bullying to foster school nets in collaborative atmospheres. to prevent early school leaving and favouring the inclusion of students in disadvantaged conditions. to research and compare more efficient ways in… Leer más »<--!Project Description k2-->

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Final Product Students’ presentations PREZI Here are the final products of the project made by the students. The presentation includes video clips, photos and power point presentations and videos made by the students. Meeting Reports Project Meeting in Bircza, Poland 19th – 23rd March 2017… Leer más »<--!Final Product-->


Dissemination Files: Meeting in 1st Primary School of Kato Achaia Dissemination of Erasmus+ RESPECT project to school community Dissemination of Erasmus+ RESPECT project to parents Interview with the Director of Public Benefit Company of Dymeon Municipality Interview with the Deputy Mayor Audio Galeria de fotos… Leer más »<--!Disemination-->

<--!Recource bank Spain-->

Spain Animal Farm Animated Video Activity Cutting the tape Playing brilé Running around the school yard Sharing the cake Superman I Superman II Tell me a story

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Iceland Activity from Víkurskóli Iceland Access to normal Ufe Students (3-5 ¡n each group) are given the task to explore the local neighbourhood concerning the accessibility for disabled people to different premises such as grocery stores, health care, administrative buildings and so forth. Students are… Leer más »<--!Recource bank Iceland-->

<--!Resource bank Poland-->

Poland Εxperiential activities – “Theatre, drama” Connected with Icelandic “A geometry star” Polish activity about cooking inspired by Greek Activity

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Greece 1st GREEK ACTIVITY – “Me and others” 2nd GREEK ACTIVITY – “Labels” 3rd GREEK ACTIVITY – “Personal development” 4rth GREEK ACTIVITY – “Dance, Health, Well-being” 5th GREEK ACTIVITY – “Interschool detection of freshman students   with learning issues” 6th GREEK ACTIVITY – «Against the Stream»… Leer más »<--!Resource bank Greece-->